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Akber & Co Accountants registers companies for a living. We are Companies House authorised company formation agents. We ensure our company documentation is of the highest quality, always up-to-date and compliant with current regulations and legislation.

Please take 5 minutes to read our guidance on company formation below, detailing the types of companies we set up, the ordering process and what you can expect from Akber & Co Accountants during and after company incorporation. If you need any assistance, please give us a call on 0121 440 7862.

Private limited companies

The majority of new company formations in the UK are companies limited by shares. This is the standard ‘LTD’ business structure for any company which has been formed with the intention of generating profit for the owners of the business.

It is remarkably popular because it allows the sharing of profits amongst the shareholders while also offering limited financial liability. The shareholders are only responsible for company debts up to the value of the shares they hold in the company. So their assets will be protected, should the company encounter any financial difficulties.

We offer a selection of company formation packages designed to make setting up a private company as simple and straightforward as possible.

Guarantee companies

Non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom commonly use this company structure. It protects the personal finances of the company owners in a similar way as a company limited by shares. Instead of having shareholders and shares, it has guarantors and guarantees. The guarantors' financial liability is restricted to the amount of money they guarantee when forming the company.

Rather than the company owners sharing profits, any money generated is paid back into the company to help further its aims. In some instances, the owners may take a share of the profits, but by doing so, they will relinquish the company's right to apply for charitable status.

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

The LLP structure is often used by those forming a company in industries which traditionally operate as partnerships, such as law practices or accountancy firms. The primary benefit of an LLP over a traditional partnership is the limited liability protection which it provides for the company partners - meaning their finances are protected in the event of the company encountering difficulties.

An LLP is also beneficial as it allows the company partners to remain separate to some extent – each partner is responsible for paying their own individual income tax via Self-Assessment, rather than the business being responsible for paying corporation tax.

You have chosen a company structure – what’s next?

Why not take contact us for our Company Set Up Checklist to find out what information you need at hand before starting the company formations process? Once you are ready to start, it is a simple matter of following our simple 5 step company formation process: Go to our homepage and find out if your company name is available; choose a package; select any additional services you may require; checkout and pay, and complete our online application form. This should take you no more than 15 minutes, and your new company should be ready to trade in 3 to 6 working hours.

What you can expect from us

As your chosen company formation agents, we are available and ready to support you every step of the way; from tentative initial enquires, to help you choose a package, to get through the application form.

As soon as your new company is incorporated, we will send you a digital copy of your company documents. Printed documents will take 24 to 48 hours to reach you by post, and if your package included any address services, these would be set up for you within 3 to 5 working hours.

After company formation…

Let’s say our journey together has just started! Akber & Co Accountants provides free customer support for the lifetime of your company. So please call or email us if you need help…

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